Expertly Filing Your Estate, Trust and Gift Taxes

Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Preparation

Estate Taxation and Probate Administration

Our firm’s services include Estate Tax Planning and Probate Administration. Madeleine Lewis has two decades of experience preparing a variety of tax returns.  Her experience includes Comprehensive Probate Administration through preparing Estate tax returns (706s to 1041s).


An expert in Trust taxation, Madeleine will review your trust documents and professionally prepare your trust tax returns. 

Gift Tax

Frequently, a comprehensive estate and trust plan includes passing wealth to heirs through strategic gifting to minimize taxation.  The rules that govern Gift and Generation-Skipping taxation are complex. Madeleine will ensure your planning in this area is sound, and your tax filings are precise and accurate.

Don’t venture into the world of Estate, Trust and Gift taxation without an expert at your side. Call Lewis Representation LLC today!