Each tax return tells a story beyond the pages it is printed on. It has a back-story, and it has a forward trajectory.

Madeleine Cecile Lewis, E.A.

owner of lewis representation LLC

Madeleine is not your ordinary tax professional.  Like all good tax attorneys and accountants, she has a highly developed skill set when it comes to tax law knowledge and application.  Traditionally, this plays out for most tax pros in a linear fashion: apply the numbers to the law, do the match and produce the return or the tax projection.  That is where most tax pros stop. Madeleine, however, brings both sides of her brain into play when it comes to tax management. Her belief is that the best tax planning and preparation takes place when she knows her clients well.  Unlike your typical accounting firm, tax season at Lewis Representation LLC is not a tax return mill. It is a busy time, to be sure, but spending time interviewing her clients thoroughly beforehand and staying up-to-speed on changes that affect their tax scenario throughout the year, means that she can meet the fast-paced challenge of preparing her clients’ tax returns in a 12-week window without rushing or cutting corners.  Until Congress comes up with a rolling due date for income tax returns, the pressure of tax season will continue to drive lesser-prepared firms to take shortcuts; something Madeleine will not do.

To accomplish this takes a team of skilled and caring colleagues. Get to know us here.

Madeleine earned her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University. Her graduate studies began at Frostburg State University. She then went on to study at St. Joseph’s University, and most recently the Washington School of Law. 

Our Staff

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Sarah Grieco

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

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George Moore


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Desirae Rinkes

Accounting Assistant

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Administrative Assistant

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