Successfully and Legally Reducing Your Tax Liability for Now and the Future

Tax Preparation Services

The science of income tax reparation is not for the faint of heart!

It takes focus and a commitment to learning that would take an inordinate amount of time for a layperson to accomplish without dedicating all their free time to it.  Face it… the tax code is so complex that keeping up with it is a full-time job. Some people are content to spend their free time studying tax law. If you are not one of those people, Lewis Representation LLC, located in Gales Ferry, CT,  is the tax firm for you.

Lewis Representation LLC provides Tax Preparation services for individuals, corporations, estates, and trusts. We represent clients on all levels, including those with delinquent tax returns, amended returns, and those facing tax audits. We work to ensure each client pays the minimum tax they are legally obligated to pay.

Two decades of service to taxpayers have enabled our Managing Partner, Madeleine Lewis to see her clients’ tax situations with a broad perspective while staying laser-focused on the details that come together to build a superb tax plan. As a Tax Accounting Professional, Madeleine Lewis’ expertise goes beyond that of an Accountant or CPA. With expertise in tax law, Madeleine is an Enrolled Agent licensed by the US Treasury.

So, you have a choice… navigate the tax maze by yourself and take your chances, or partner with an experienced and caring professional who knows the law inside and out.

The choice is yours. Call Lewis Representation LLC today to begin the journey to freedom from tax stress and a lower tax burden!