Successfully and Legally Reducing Your Tax Liability for Now and the Future

Strategizing Your Tax Plan

The time to work on taxes is all year… not just at the end of the year.

Madeleine Lewis understands tax planning. She is proactive in finding ways to continuously and legally minimize your taxes. 

Madeleine Lewis is enrolled with the US Treasury Department to represent taxpayers before the IRS. She knows tax law and is constantly looking for ways to lower your tax burden through tax planning. 

As an Enrolled Agent and Tax Advocate located in Gales Ferry, CT, Madeleine specializes in helping taxpayers with tax planning who have complex situations such as businesses, trusts, investment holdings such as portfolios containing Master Limited Partnerships, Real Estate Investment Trusts, cryptocurrency, etc., or those with compliance issues. Perhaps you are behind on filing or paying taxes?  You may be facing levies, liens, wage garnishments, security clearance issues (important for Electric Boat employees), and/or asset seizures.  What Lewis Representation does is more than just get you out of hot water.  We specialize in providing planning and counsel to ensure you remain in compliance. If you have a tax problem you haven’t been able to resolve on your own, as your local Connecticut Taxpayer Advocate, Madeleine can help.

Having worked side-by-side with her father, Porter Lewis, Madeleine has gained multi-generational experience both from her personal perspective, and with her clients.  She has served as many as four generations in the same family. This makes her uniquely qualified to build a tax plan for you that is broad in scope, putting you in the best possible tax position while incorporating the best interests of your family and heirs.

You work hard to earn those precious dollars. Shouldn’t you keep more of them? Madeleine will help you build your financial future by helping you keep more of your income.

Let Madeleine Lewis help you build a plan for your future. Call us today.